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November 12, 2012

Tips On Selling Your Home #1

Tips on Selling Your Home #1
Selling your home can be an overwhelming task. So I’ve put these steps together to assist you in the process. Here is phase #1.  

Make a list of why you want to sell your home. Are you moving because of a job relocation or opportunity? Has your family outgrown your current home; Do you need to downsize because the children have moved out for college or have started their own families?

Decide on a time frame.
Ask yourself: how soon do you want or need to move? Factor in the time you may need to find a home at the new location or to arrange temporary housing while selling your current home.

Determine how much you want to make from the sale of your home to accomplish your plan to move. Get an estimated net proceed (what you expect to take to the bank after the close of escrow). Make sure you have a reasonably accurate amount of the various expenses involved in selling a home. This is also a good time to include an estimated cost to purchase the home you are moving into.

Contact a local real estate agent to assist you in mapping out the best marketing plan to achieve your objectives and set a realistic time frame for the sale. Once you’ve established these first steps, you’re ready for Tips On Selling Your Home #2)

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