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November 25, 2012

Ways to Renovate Kitchen Inexpensively.

My Dream Kitchen
My Dream Kitchen
Giving your kitchen a facelift is a definite plus, not only for aesthetics (I’m partial to beautiful kitchens and master bedrooms) but also to add value to your home. Most appraisers will probably agree.

Here are some Inexpensive and budget- friendly ways.

Some improvements could be as simple as cleaning the kitchen cabinet woodwork with a good application of “Liquid Gold” or a similar wood restorative to make them look fresh and new. Often, just replacing the kitchen hardware will give you a whole new look.

Another quick and simple way is restore the stained or cracked grouts if you have a tiled or similar countertop.

If your budget allows it, replace your old, stained and “weathered” countertop with Formica or laminate material. They have new and beautiful designs that are so much more appealing than the old ones. (and no, I am not a stockholder nor sales rep for Formica or Liquid Gold).

Still wanting a more stylish and luxurious look without breaking the bank? Yes, Granite, marble, or Corian® is considered the higher end of countertops. A way to cut the cost is to buy remnants from stone yards or building contractors for essentially left over pieces from their larger jobs. NOTE: these materials typically carry warrantees, but only if you buy directly from the manufacturer and if it’s installed by their approved vendors.

Visit a local Home Depot, ACE or Yard Birds where building materials are sold, and they may be able to assist you – their floor people are super friendly, knowledgeable and helpful (well, at least the ones I go to).

Now there’s a one good way to have a functional, efficient and sleek looking kitchen in a budget-friendly way. Have fun with your kitchen renovation!

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