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November 12, 2012

Prepare Your Home To Sell. Tip #3

Tips On Selling Your Home #3 - Preparing Your Home

Preparing Your Home to Sell.

Living in the property and putting it on the market are separate things you need to look at when selling your home. On a day to day basis, we tend to leave newspapers, magazines, books, shoes or pieces of clothing like jackets, strewn around the house, dishes on the sink and counters, unmade beds, and so on (you get what I mean).

Now that you will have buyers and real estate agents coming through your home, you need to have every room in your house in “showroom” condition. Clutter and knick-knacks are the first to go. Remember: first impressions are important to potential buyers. It affects how quickly it will sell and the price a buyer is willing to pay for.

A real estate agent can assist you in “staging” your home with suggestions on how to make it more appealing to help prospective buyers visualize their own style and “personality” into the home. Or, check out my post on Improve Your Home's Appeal for a list of ideas and things you can do yourself.

When you are ready and your home is in tip top shape, it’s time to put it on the market. Some of the ways to do this include: Yard signs; the Internet; newspaper and Media Advertising; Craigslist Ad; Direct mail; Open Houses; Multiple Listing Service; Broker’s Tour; agent to agent networking. Your agent, if you are hiring one, can put a marketing plan best suited for your property to sell your home quickly and attract a ready, willing and qualified buyer.

Some special things you can do for showing your home.
  • Turn on all the lights.
  • Increase the wattage of bulbs in light fixtures to the maximum that is safe.
  • Open all drapes and shutters in the daytime.
  • Buy new towels for bathrooms.
  • Buy new bedding for bedrooms.
  • Replace old lamps or lampshades.
  • Play quiet background music.
  • Light the fireplace or clean out the ashes and light a candelabrum.
  • Infuse home with a comforting scent, such as apple spice or vanilla.
  • Set the dining room table for a fancy dinner party.
  • Vacate the property while it is being shown.


  1. You are absolutely correct. When you’re selling your house, you have to think like a businessman. This means that your OWN taste or preference should slightly take a backseat sometimes in order to make your house appealing to potential buyers. And to do that, you definitely need the suggestions of your real estate agent.

    Ofelia Bertrand

  2. Essentially yes! Before listing your house for sale it is always required to do a little bit of renovation and remodeling because it attracts buyers and make a good first impression. Anyways your blog is helpful and contains useful contents.
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