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October 20, 2012

The Right Brokerage For You.

Brokerage Firm For You

How to Find the Right Brokerage Firm for You.

At this point, it is safe to assume you have passed the California State exam and you are waiting for your official license from the Department of Real Estate. It typically takes 6-8 weeks for DRE approval and processing of your paperwork (aargghhh!).

Spend this time to start interviewing 2-3 real estate brokers. It is important to align yourself with an office that embodies your set of values and exudes an image of respect and integrity. You want to be a part of a professional team who is dynamic and enjoy the work they do.

Brokerage firms differ in their approach to business and marketing plans, including training programs offered to new licensees. Ask questions about costs to join their office like errors and omission; desk fees, commission structures, policies and rules.

The main thing is to list these questions before meeting with the Broker or Manager. Most, if not all of them, will be more than happy to answer them - remember: they want you more than you want them. (This is a revision of my previous article last year).

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