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October 31, 2012

Now Is a Great Time to Buy A Home.

Buying A Home
Buying A Home
 Market prices are at its lowest and are affordable. Home Loan interest rates are still low! 

Property values have declined drastically over the past two years. Not surprising, so have the sale prices. We’ve seen most areas taking a dive at 40% or more in the decrease in value making homes prices affordable and within reach for most buyers now.

I have had clients and friends who say: Nah, we'll wait till the holidays; or after the elections; or even, next Spring "when there is more inventory".  I can't help but wonder: when one has enough saved for a downpayment and the lender says they're pre-approved for a home loan, why not seize the opportunity?

Maybe some are waiting for the interest rates or home prices to go up??? Uhhmmm... Yes, it's frustrating and very competitive for buyers right now, because of the low inventory of homes on the market. But competition is good and healthy.

You just need a great realtor on your side to assist you, especially in negotiating price and terms. Call or email me if you don't have an agent to represent you. Don't be waiting and missing out on the low home prices and interest rates.

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