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October 26, 2012

New DRE Requirement

New Requirement for Real Estate Broker's License.

Effective January 1, 2013, DRE will be enforcing a more stringent education exemption to the experience requirement for applying for a real estate broker's license.

Under the current law, an applicant must, among other things, demonstrate at least two of the last five years of being actively engaged in general real estate business as a salesperson. However, an applicant may petition DRE for an exemption from this experience requirement if he or she graduated from a four-year college or university.

The new law will now require an applicant to have a degree broker’s course of study to include “a major or minor in real estate” to petition for the experience requirement exemption. The full text of this law is available at www.leginfo.ca.gov.

I am glad DRE is tightening these licensing requirements for the broker's license, as we've seen, much too often, some of those who were granted the experience exemption based solely on their having a four year degree, without having active experience in the business, are almost a disgrace to our profession. 

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